Wish ChocoDrink, no added sugar: For a healthy and delicious breakfast...

The family of Wish welcomes Wish ChocoDrink, the drinking chocolate in powder with sweetener from the plant of Stevia.

With high cocoa content (30%) and with sweetener from the plant of Stevia, Wish ChocoDrink is the healthiest drink with explosive chocolate flavor and rich texture. It can be served every day, all year round either hot or cold.

Hot: Add 35g of Drinking Chocolate and 180 ml of hot semi skimmed milk in a cup. Stir well.
Cold: Add 35g of Drinking Chocolate, 150 ml of cold semi skimmed milk (1.5% fat) and 250g ice into a glass. Blend the mix using a mixer or a shaker for 20".

Wish ChocoDrink is the perfect drink for the beginning of an amazing day!


Nutritional Information

Wish ChocoDrink

Ingredients: Sweetener: maltitol, cocoa (30%), modified corn starch, sweetener: erythritol, stabilizer: guar gum, flavouring, salt, sweetener: steviol glycosides
Available in can of 250g.