"Innovative Product Launch" Award from Marketing Week


In October 2011, the scientific magazine Marketing Week nominated the Wish Original Chocolate, no added sugar, as one of the most innovative chocolates launched during the decade 2000-2010.

The chocolate industry is dominated by several historical brands. However, we should always take the new entrepreneurial ideas into consideration. Thanks to the desire for constant development and innovation, the Marketing Week magazine awarded the Wish Original Chocolate for its high quality and nutritional value. Evaluating chocolates inspired from tradition and innovation, special mention was made of Wish Dark Chocolate with Omega-3, which is unique in Greece and among the three chocolates with Omega-3 worldwide, and Wish Dark chocolate with organic Orange oil.

Wish Chocolate has been always recommended for its unique nutritional value, high content in cocoa and natural vanilla. This combination created a functional snack free from unnecessary sugars and preservatives, suitable for everyone.

As the Marketing Week magazine underlines, Wish Original Chocolate, no added sugar, combines unique taste and low content in fats and calories and fulfils the “Wish” for Health and Pleasure.